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The Steering Group for The Egrets Way Project are delighted to announce construction of the next stages of the planned, safe, shared path linking Lewes to Newhaven.

Supporters of the project will know that the ambition is to create a safe, shared path which will eventually link the County Town of Lewes to the channel port of Newhaven and the villages in between. To date, paths have been completed running from Kingston to Lewes and also from Rodmell to Southease. Now the project is continuing the process of constructing the path, which will largely run alongside the River Ouse.

Cycle Path Vegetation Clearance

Barrie Lambert (pictured) and his wife Katherine Mondon, who live in Kingston, routinely patrol the path and Wellgreen Lane to pick up and dispose of any litter they find, often filling 2 bin bags/trip.

On Tuesday they were joined by other volunteers from Kingston who spent 2 1\2 hours cutting back and clearing away the vegetation so the path would remain usable through the summer months. The debris was then stacked so that Jan Knowlson (SDNP Ranger) and her volunteers could dispose of it at Spring Barn Farm through appreciated support from Tom Carr.

Speed Limit Change

Good news, the extension of the 40mph speedlimit on Kingston Road to beyond the Garden Centre has been approved by ESCC.  Not only is this great news as it removes the tiny 50mph zone for vehicles moving between Lewes and Kingston Village but should also make cars travel more slowly when approaching the new cycle crossing.  Additionally, this paves the way for us to campaign to get the residential area of Kingston Road reduced to a 30mph limit (as currently there is a 20 to 40 mph speed limit change at the start of Kingston Road in Lewes