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Lorry Ban and Speed Limit Petition 2012

By Dave - Posted on 17 July 2012

Elizabeth Waters, with support from KRCRA, is currently undertaking two petitions:

The first to extend the C7 Lorry Ban to include Kingston Road, Southover High Street (from Swan Roundabout to Kingston Road), Bell Lane and Winterbourne Hollow.

The second is to extend the 20mph speed limit on Southover High Street to where it meets Kingston Road, and reduce the 40mph speed limit on Kingston Road to 30mph up to Spring Barn Farm, and reduce the speed limit from 50mph to 40mph up to Swanborough lakes.  

The details can be found on the attached petition forms below (available to logged in users of the website)

ESCC will accept signatures as follows:

Any members of a recognized local residents association and other members of these households can sign under that banner without having to declare their address – nicknames can also be used.  You will have received a paper copy of this through your front door from Wendy.


Signing a paper version (print out the attached form) 


Clicking on either link below.. This is a two step process and each signatory must subsequently verify their email address before the vote is accepted. They don’t need to register with the site.


Privacy of signatories :

Elizabeth has copied the following from the ESCC website:

 Privacy and security

When you have signed a petition, your details will be held in computer readable form to allow the principal petitioner to administer and submit the petition you have signed. Only your name and area will appear on the website. The other details you give are needed by the Council to validate your support. This is the same information required for a paper petition.

Your details will only be used by the Council and the principal petitioner for any petitions that you sign. Your details will not be used for any purposes other than e-petitions, unless you have expressly given permission.

How do you prevent multiple signatures from one computer?

We don't. Many members of one household might all want to sign the same petition.