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For you discerning Theatre-goers.

By jonathanbrown - Posted on 22 May 2012

Following showings in Lewes & Arundel, Something Underground Theatre co are showing their new play,

The Last Lunch,

in The Brighton Fringe, 24-27th May @ The Old Courtroom, Church St, (opposite the Corn Exchange) Brighton, 7pm

More info at

You can still buy your tickets as follows....

Cheapest Online Tickets:

or Fringe Box Office 01273 91 72 72.

Reasons to come and see us?

We’ve all heard the age-old adage, “You are what you eat”, but Something Underground Theatre Company’s new play, “The Last Lunch” sets out to explore that notion right to its nth degree.

What happens to your psyche, to that of your family, and your nation, once you’ve gobbled down pound after pound of meat from questionable sources, is part of what the new play, from Award-nominated writer / performer Jonathan Brown, explores.

Playwright Brown, who attracted 5 and 4 star reviews with previous plays “Licence”, “Large Print Trash” and “The Well” says, ‘It’s partly about traditional British butcher Albert, who’s enraged at having so many opinionated vegan sons, hippies and pregnant grand-daughters show up for Sunday lunch. With his trusty Nokia getting too intimate with the tofu casserole, his beef-farmer “friend” trying to fob him off with more damaged “stock” and his youngest son unexpectedly returning from the Afghanistan war, in pieces, Albert’s juggling a family that’s on the brink of emotional meltdown.

‘As guest upon guest arrive, the house fills with demons and archetypes that play havoc with the whole family. It’s funny, moving, poignant, and more than a little disturbing.’

'...think "The Archers", Only with more vegans, more acid,.
........oh.......and more ritual murder.'

"Brilliant! Powerful, moving, funny.. deeply touched. Well cast and spot on timing. We had a fantastic night! Thank you" (Gabby Jasmin Baker, Audience, Zu)

Video: The Cast Talk About The Last Lunch:

"I love the way that... (The Last Lunch) (works) so that episodic scenes don’t “wait” for one to finish and another to begin; instead you juxtaposed episodes repeatedly so that, in true Shakespearean fashion, the audience gains insights in advance of what the various characters knew. But……….. little did the audience know! Revelation didn’t predict the ending! Very clever!
That overlaying of episodes makes the audience think, keeps them backtracking to “see” or seek explanations and connections. That overlaying also makes us laugh at one utterance or mannerism and simultaneously gasp and recoil.
I also like the subtlety whereby you draw us towards certain characters so that we take them to be the main players only to find you refocusing our attentions on other seemingly “minor” characters. Keeps us guessing.
I enjoyed your play and thought all the actors had been well cast. And...with many ideas about your play. Thank you, I wish...the Company all the Very Best." (Diana Moon. audience, Arundel.)

"Loved The Last Lunch! my surprise and delight the play switched and evolved beautifully.... The actors passionately played their part in this compelling tale as my eyes widened. I loved this play and want to see it again with friends just to see the looks on their faces when the plot slides into the unknown. Great play, great casting and great performance! I was educated, amused and surprised with the countless twists and turns! Great play that totally surprised me. Good luck on your tour wowwing audiences across the country. I recommend this play to anyone. Well done!" Magnus Agugu Audience, Zu, Lewes

We're THE No. 1. Top recommendation for Barnstaple Fringe.
Thanks Fringe Review.

5 Stars, Latest 7
on Licence

"A perfect piece of fringe theatre. Brown takes you on a complex, funny & harrowing journey. a terrific eye for social observation …a profoundly moving piece of theatre. If you're only going to see one play this festival, you'd be hard pressed to beat this." Latest 7, Brighton Fringe 2010 On Licence…..

4 Stars, Fringe Review
on Licence

"… a wonderful, wonderful storyteller & totally captivated us… loved the humour, the darkness, the dangerous territories & the power of the message. I felt we were seeing you unravel a part of your soul....” Anita Sullivan, Playwright. On Licence…..

4 Stars, The Argus
on The Well

Simply outstanding! Extremely amusing & profoundly sad...every nuance examined with finesse & intelligence. I cannot praise this performance enough…the profundity & humour of his writing. … extraordinary & compelling… a huge talent. Journalist Ian Reuben... On Licence…..

4 Stars, Three Weeks
on Licence

“…beautifully performed & exquisitely written….funny in the right places & thought provoking throughout…..a huge writing & acting talent at work - one of the stand-out nights of the Brighton Fringe” Nick Stockman. Brighton Fringe Manager on Large Print Trash

Also at...

June 1st: Upstairs@The Lamb, Old Town, Eastbourne.

June 15th: Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury.

June 16th: Bridgewater Arts Centre.

June 21-24: Barnstable Fringe Theatre Festival,

July 15th: The Arts Theatre, West End, Great Newport Street London.