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Lewes to Kingston Cycle Path - Public Consultation

By Dave - Posted on 20 May 2012

Kingston Road and Cranedown Residents Association, Kingston Village

Action Plan Group, East Sussex County Council and national charity Sustrans are working together to develop an improved walking and cycle route between Lewes and Kingston. Department for Transport funding was announced in March 2012, but to qualify for this funding the route must be built by March 2013. A decision will be made by the end of June as to whether construction of the route will go ahead this year.


Planning permission will be required and there will be another opportunity to express your views during the planning process. We want your views now to find out if the route is supported locally and whether we can make any improvements to the designs.


This public consultation is being organised to inform local residents and gather your views on the proposed route alignment.  Residents will be receiving a paper copy of the consultation document to complete and return (a colour copy of which is attached below for logged in users of the website).  Please return these by 8 June 2012.