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Residents Survey 2005 and Data Analysis

By admin - Posted on 16 September 2010


Our detailed survey was distributed to all houses and
the respondents provided us with a great deal of information, in
particular that:

~ 77% felt it was unsafe to walk along Kingston Road
~ 73% felt that it was unsafe to cross the road
~ 85% would walk or cycle more if the road were safer
~ 57% make extra car journeys because of road safety issues

In households with children:

~ 100% would walk or cycle more if the road were safer
~ 86% use the car rather than walking or cycling

We have also collected and analysed traffic speed and volume data, recorded information about accidents on Kingston Road and had and
independent survey of the road/traffic speed issues carried out. This
information formed part of our contribution to the recent ESCC Local
Area Transport Strategies (LATS).

Because it will be several years before LATS produces any tangible benefits
we have also been working to identify, and where possible create,
short-term solutions. These include collaborating with other groups
such as Lewes Rugby Club, Cycle Lewes, and others to procure a
designated cycle path.