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History of the Traffic Calming proposals

By Anonymous - Posted on 16 September 2010

Why The Group Was Formed:

Fast Cars, Narrow Paths & Accidents

In February 2005 a public meeting was held to discuss local residents' concerns about the speed and volume of traffic along the C7 - a road leading from Lewes, in East Sussex, to Kingston and Newhaven to the south. It was attended by representatives of Sussex Police, East Sussex County Council (ESCC) and local government. Full details of the meeting can be found here.

After a discussion, in which many residents voiced their concerns, the police and ESCC representatives said that they wanted to work with parish councils and Lewes District Council (LDC) to draw up a strategy which would have wide support from local residents.

While those living in the villages along the C7 have parish councils, Kingston Road residents would be represented by Lewes Town Council (LTC). Because it was considered unlikely that LTC would be in a position to represent the people residing in the 100+ houses along Kingston Road (and Cranedown) the KRCRA was formed with Councillor Ruth O'Keefe (LTC, LDC and ESCC) as an ex officio member.

Jane Sallis agreed to chair the association at its first meeting held on 21st February 2005. It was quickly realised that we would need to consult local residents to find out what their actual concerns were so that they could be effectively represented. A detailed survey was subsequently sent out to all houses in the area.