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Cycle Path Vegetation Clearance

By Dave - Posted on 22 July 2015

Barrie Lambert (pictured) and his wife Katherine Mondon, who live in Kingston, routinely patrol the path and Wellgreen Lane to pick up and dispose of any litter they find, often filling 2 bin bags/trip.

On Tuesday they were joined by other volunteers from Kingston who spent 2 1\2 hours cutting back and clearing away the vegetation so the path would remain usable through the summer months. The debris was then stacked so that Jan Knowlson (SDNP Ranger) and her volunteers could dispose of it at Spring Barn Farm through appreciated support from Tom Carr.

This is the same group who organised the bulb planting along the path last year.

The path is supposed to have been adopted by ESCC in 2013 but for unknown reasons this has not yet happened. Even if it does, it is likely that the bulk of the maintenance work will still need to be done by a team of volunteers. Ruth is following up on the question of why the adoption hasn't yet taken place.

Many thanks to both groups and Tom Carr for taking this on.