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POLO (Parishes of the Lower Ouse) Meeting 15th Oct 2012

By Dave - Posted on 17 October 2012

Jane Sallis attended a POLO ( Parishes of the Lower Ouse ) meeting on Monday 15th
October on behalf of Wendy Brewer.

One of the items on the agenda ( full feedback at next KRCRA meeting and we also hope to upload the minutes of the meeting on to this
website) was a Discussion Paper that was circulated for comments ;

Jane has been asked to raise the paper within The Residents Association and comments are

Please do send comments to me or Wendy Brewer.


You need to be logged into the website to access the discussion paper PDF below


Also to bring to your attention that the The Ouse Valey
Cycle Network (OVCN) have a competition to design a winning logo for
OVCN to help promote The Egrets Way, the recently named new cycle
path, which is to be a safe shared sustainable village connection from county
town to channel port.

Entries to  closing date 30th October, 2012